Trouble Adding New Metrics

I have an existing firmware application that already uses memfault metrics and successfully sends heartbeats on a timer. I added 2 metrics and while running the debug build on a single device I get the following error in the web UI when looking at the heartbeat:

The last 2 items in the list shown in the image seem to match what I expect for the 2 metrics I added. Also, I added the new metrics via Settings in the web UI, though I’m not completely sure I did that correctly.

Do I have to load a new version of firmware to memfault that supports the new logs. Right now the device is reporting an existing firmware version even though it is a debug build with additional metrics.

Hi @jbahr , I’ve replied via , thanks for posting the question!

If anyone else ends up here- the answer is yes, the symbol file does need to be uploaded for Memfault to decode metric values. If the firmware changes, a matching symbol file needs to be uploaded.