Integrating Memfualt into an Embedded Linux Project | Interrupt

IoT devices have become ubiquitous. Given the number of new devices being deployed all over the world and far from the desks of developers, it is imperative to have a solid set of tools to manage them without being directly connected to them via JTAG, USB, or SSH. The necessary tasks in the IoT device lifecycle include device deployment and management, remote monitoring, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Memfault is a service that streamlines many of these critical tasks in a device-agnostic manner. Memfault supports devices built upon a variety of MCUs and RTOSs, Android (AOSP), and embedded Linux, the last one being the focus of this article.

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when I start bitbake I get this error:
ERROR: ParseError at /home/rocco/yocto/sources/memfault-linux-sdk/meta-memfault/recipes-memfault/memfaultd/ Could not inherit file classes/cargo.bbclass