How to debug a HardFault on an ARM Cortex-M MCU | Interrupt

Faults happen on embedded devices all the time for a variety of reasons – ranging from something as simple as a NULL pointer dereference to something more unexpected like running a faulty code path only when in a zero-g environment on the Tower of Terror in Disneyland. It’s important for any embedded engineer to understand how to debug and resolve this class of issue quickly.

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There seems to be pictures in the article with URL that do not work (https://interrupt.memfault.comimg/cortex-m-fault/ufsr.png for example)

Thanks for the report! I do see there’s an issue in the link you posted (missing / between com & img) but I can’t find a reference to that link anywhere in the article. The url looks correct in the section it is referenced.

That’s how the article looks to me:

The issue should now be fixed. Thanks for the report!