A Modern Firmware Development Environment

Hey all, I am currently building an open-source project for embedded Rust programming to solve the issues I’ve experienced in the firmware industry. I’m really interested to hear other people biggest development issues and their opinions on my current focus.

At its core, this will be a modular terminal-based tool allowing for project template creation, flashing and debugging of devices, and package management. It will be easy to create plugins for any niche chip to reduce the huge number of toolchains that currently exist.

I also want to develop an emulation system in Rust that allows for easy testing of any (custom) hardware configuration without deploying to the device. This will make facilitate proper CI systems without needing hardware.

Here is a link to a mock-up demo of the project. Most of the concepts shown are not final and we want a ton of feedback before starting to build out the framework!

I am aware that this is pretty ambitious - I’ve found myself recreating many aspects of this whenever developing a new system and think there should be a better way to do this without endless repetition of work.

Hey @hamzah2304 awesome demo! I look forward to seeing the tools in action :slight_smile:

One of the hardest things to abstract away for simulation and/or local tests for me has often been connectivity, having examples where the device has multiple concurrent connections and mocking out the RTOS for example would really bring this to a next level

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Thanks for the feedback! DMed!