Debugging Firmware with GDB

If I had to choose one significant aspect that I was not aware of before starting my career as a firmware developer, it would be how much time is spent not actually developing, and instead debugging firmware!

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Thanks for this concise and useful post, which is actually about much more than debugging, as you show exactly how to set up a development environment. I expect that this will reduce the pain of embedded development for many newcomers.

I’m looking forward to the next post about debugging nRF applications with SoftDevices. Please hurry! :smile:

Or if possible, perhaps reply with a few pointers about how to do that.

Thanks, Karl!

I’m hoping to post the article on debugging SoftDevice-based nRF applications soon. In the meantime, you may want to check out the following links:

Hope this helps!


  • (gdb) set logging on to stop logging

should be

  • (gdb) set logging off to stop logging