What we’ve been reading in December | Interrupt

Happy New Year! Here’s to a wonderful 2021.

Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this December.

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I really liked the post on the camera, a picture (no pun intended) is really worth a 1000 words. Even though it was not directly related, I enjoyed reading it. I even showed it to my kids and they seemed to get the gist of it!

The same author has an article on floating point notation, also very well written IMHO.

The bit twiddling page is a gold mine, I book marked it. No frills page with a treasure trove of info! Great find!

Cameras and Lenses is a gem. No wonder the author posts once in a quarter. Thank you for introducing it.

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As always, great curated list.

“By the author of one of my favourite Python packages (nox).”

I’m curious about this.
How do you use nox at Memfault?