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Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this April.

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CLion is very nice. I smash renew on that invoice every year gladly. Much less expensive than SES (and the others) and a pleasure to use.

Memfault has been knocking out of the park recently, BTW. Thanks for all the high-quality articles.

Couldn’t agree more. The refactoring capabilities, deep Python support, unit testing built-in runners, and now the improvements to remote debugging and clang tools make it a no-brainer. I’m also watching the Makefile support closely. https://blog.jetbrains.com/clion/2020/02/dealing-with-makefiles/

Hi, thanks for the interesting article. I consider myself a newbie about software development, so my question is, what features must a software project have to consider it production quality?

I imagine to have unit testing, static analysis, some sort of complexity measurement, docs.

What features must a software project have to consider it production quality?

Hi Carlos,

Welcome to Interrupt. Note that this would have been a good question to ask in a new Topic on community.memfault.com.

I think this really depends on your project & industry. In my opinion, the minimum viable project has a strong specification and a test plan.

Beyond that, I think the following technologies allow companies to ship quality faster, with less risk:

  • Revision control
  • Code Review
  • Automated Builds
  • Continuous Integration
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Automated Releases

I personally insist of these practices being used on the projects I work on. There of course are others that go above and beyond the aforementioned: canary releases, feature flags, automated hardware-in-the-loop tests, automated fuzzing, error monitoring, … and more.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the list of practices @francois, we follow some at work, but lack of experience or knowledge about others.

Indeed this could be a good question on the forum. I will create a new post about it.

Keep it coming guys. How do you end up finding such high quality content? Is there a secret RSS feed where all the cool embedded folks post their projects? Hehe. I would have never stumbled upon the “Noisefloor” project myself. Wow, so much to learn from.

No secret source :smiley:. Many of us check out Reddit /r/embedded, Hacker News, and other embedded websites like Embedded Artistry. I feel there has been more content these days, the problem is just stumbling across it all, like you mention.