The Best and Worst GCC Compiler Flags For Embedded | Interrupt

Compilers have hundreds of flags and configuration settings which can be toggled to control performance optimizations, code size, error checks and diagnostic information emitted. Often these settings wind up being copy and pasted from project to project, makefile to makefile, but it’s good to periodically audit the current options selected for a project.

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This is a gold mine for young developers like me (same as the other articles), basically saves us days or months of sailing through documentation. just wanted to thank you for the hard work.

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Great post! Regarding struct packing, another common use case in embedded is when defining a struct to overlay memory for a peripheral (or similar). If the compiler adds padding to the struct definition, the memory overlay will be incorrect when using it to access the underlying peripheral registers. This can lead to all sorts of problems at runtime that can be tough to track down.

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