OpenBLT compiling & flashing help

Hello to all.
I have an android Head unit with a bricked MCU.
A forum member adapted a bootloader to work with the unit but i do not have the knowledge to use it.
I do not know the start address or the procedure to use it.
I have the correct tools connected to the unit and it is recognised by st link utility.
I tried to flash and had a success but i do not know if i am doing things correctly.
Is someone here willing to help a rooky to beat the MCU monster please ?
I can provide the adapted bootloader

and the MCU bin file which has the application.

Thank you in advance !!

Hi @koutsouk, I’m not personally familiar with OpenBLT, but I should be able to answer questions you have. Could you share more details on what you are trying to achieve, and what is not working currently?

Well the unit does not boot at all.

Responsible for that is MCU.

a member in this forum ( see post 2222)

Also if you read from page 99 to page 101 you will understand what he is doing.

I do not understand coding and addresses that for i ask for help.

He adapted the bootloader to work with our units.

The bootloader is necessary for the unit to give the signal to the board to power up.

If you have other questions i can answer!!


I do not know anything about this platform, but it looks like if you flash the booloader at address 0x0 and flash the application bin at address 0x08002800 it should work

So how to make the bootloader an actual bin file for flashing ;

Copy everything in a file with bin at the end or something else ;

And why 0x0 and not an other address? Lets say 0x08000000?


It may be 0x08000000 which looks like it is the start of flash for this STM32, some alias the start of flash to 0x0. I don’t know about your chip. I would test both.

As for making the actual bin file, you first need to compile the bootloader at using Eclipse. It will generate an ELF file, which you can transform into a bin with objcopy. Make sure to pass the pad-to flag to pad the resulting bin to 0x2800 bytes.

Once you have that bin file, simply concatenate it with your application bin, using cat.

Well this is exactly when everything sounds really Chinese to me !
I do not know how to do these things !
They may are easy for someone with the programs and some maybe basic experience , but for me are pretty difficult.
Can you please compile it for me?
Also can i flash the application bin separately ?

Sorry this is really outside of the scope of what I can help with. I do not recommend you muck around with a custom bootloader if you are not familiar with the basics.

Well i am certainly not familiar with all these. but i think that the bootloader code is ready and all it needs as you said is to be compiled !
I will try to do it with Eclipse as you said and see from there how am i going to convert it to .bin !
You were very helpful !!!

Well i have done nothing !!
Do you recommend someone that maybe has the knowledge of compiling this for me?