Diving into JTAG — Debugging (Part 2) | Interrupt

As noted in my previous article Diving into JTAG protocol. Part 1 — Overview, JTAG was initially developed for testing integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. However, its potential for debugging was realized over time, and now JTAG has become the standard protocol for microcontroller debugging. Many Firmware and Embedded engineers first encountered it in this particular context.

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I absolutely love these images of colorized bit strings to show the different parts of the protocol. How did you make these? I’d love to swipe that technique for my own use!

Thank you! Well, there are no magic, I draw everything manualy using the draw io tool :slight_smile:

God bless draw io!

I appreciate you taking the time to make these by hand. Colorizing everything by hand is no fun but it does a lot to help explain your point.

Ha-ha-ha! Amen!))

Thank you. I believe that visiual information is very important and easy for understanding. One time show is better then 100 times write. ))